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Introduction of Rongke Xinhang Electronic Smart Watch

Development Background

With the development of mobile technology, many traditional electronic products have begun to add mobile functions, such as watches that used to be used only to watch time. Nowadays, they can also be connected to the Internet through smartphones or home networks, displaying the contents of incoming messages, Twitter and news feeds, weather information and so on.

The new watches can be called smart watches, some of which are already on sale, and some of which are still in the sample testing stage. These products are mainly designed for consumers to use smartphones inconveniently, such as when they are riding bicycles or carrying things on their hands.

Types of Smart Watches

1. Adult Smart Watches

Functions: Bluetooth synchronous mobile phone calls, sending and receiving text messages, monitoring sleep, monitoring heart rate, sedentary reminder, running, remote photography, music playback, video, compass and other functions, designed for fashion trend personages!

2. Intelligent Watches for the Elderly

Functions: Super precise GPS positioning, family call, emergency call, heart rate monitoring, sedentary reminder, medication reminder and other functions specially designed for the elderly, provide umbrella for the elderly to travel, take this watch, refuse the elderly to lose again!

3. Children's Positioning Smart Watch

Functions: multiple positioning, two-way call, SOS rescue, remote monitoring, intelligent loss prevention, historical track, electronic fence, pedometer, love reward and other functions, to protect children's safety, give children a healthy and safe growth environment!

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